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Radiance, vitality, and allure — it’s all about you and Lovely.
Your life is packed with events: parties, work, dating. Wherever you venture, your appearance remains impeccable because Lovely diligently tends to your inherent grace and the luminosity of your skin.

Our brand offers a wide range of beauty aids. With the aid of our exquisite false eyelashes, plush brushes, and resilient sponges, your makeup assumes an impeccable finish. Show off your style with a vibrant manicure! Stay natural with home spa, cleansing, and hair styling products!
Be You. Be Lovely.

  • False Eyelashes False Eyelashes 2 pairs
  • Makeup Sponge Makeup Sponge with case
  • Makeup Brushes Makeup Brushes 6 count
Personal Care
  • Headband Headband Makeup Headband
  • Facial Cleansing Brush Facial Cleansing Brush
Tip 1
Should you brush your hair before going to bed? Yes! By doing so, you not only retire for the night with an appearance reminiscent of a Greek goddess, but you also spare yourself valuable time in the morning, as your well-combed curls will be less prone to tangling.
Tip 2
Cleanse your skin the right way! Take a soft brush, wet it with warm water, spread a cleanser over it, and gently rub your face along the massage lines for 1 or 2 minutes. Voila!
Tip 3
Don’t be lazy, wash your brush! Did you know that even very good makeup brushes absorb sebum and dust? Wash them at least once a week with your regular cleanser. This way your brushes will last longer, and your skin won’t be exposed to additional risks.
Tip 4
Foundation tip. Use a sponge to apply your foundation cream evenly and finely. Wet it with warm water, give it a good squeeze, and then apply the cream to your skin. Your natural look is ready!
Tip 5
In order to maintain a beautiful appearance, it is essential to prioritize quality sleep. Achieving sufficient rest in complete darkness plays a vital role. Unfortunately, this task is not as straightforward as it seems. To unwind and effectively shield yourself from unwanted light, indulge in the use of a soothing hot gel eye mask.
Tip 6
It’s all about light! To ensure that your makeup achieves a harmonious and natural look, apply it in front of a mirror situated in the most well-lit area of your home. In the event that your home lacks such an ideal spot, consider utilizing a lighted makeup mirror as a suitable alternative.
Tip 7
The sun loves you! However, it is best to have well-exfoliated skin, so incorporate a peeling mitt into your shower routine prior to applying a tan. The result will be a longer-lasting, more even tan.
  • Nail Art Sequins Nail Art Sequins 6 pcs.
  • Nail Files Nail Files
  • Stamping Set Stamping Set Silicone Stamping Set
  • Lighted Mirror Lighted Mirror
  • Two-Sided Mirror Two-Sided Mirror 2x magnification
  • Compact Mirror Compact Mirror 2x magnification
  • Hairbrush Hairbrush Metallic Finish
  • Round Hairbrush Round Hairbrush
  • Hair Dryer Hair Dryer
  • Peeling and Massage Mitt Peeling and Massage Mitt
  • Face Massager Face Massager
  • Eye Mask Eye Mask Cold & Hot
I don’t really remember when I bought this set of three cleansing sponges at Fix Price. I felt eager to try them out! It was love at the first sight — I admired the effects. First, I apply washing gel to my damp face, then gently massage it with a sponge before rinsing off the foam. My skin is incredibly soft now! I’m sure I’ll keep buying these sets.


I once purchased a Lovely silicone body brush. This brush boasts remarkable functionality, firmly staying in place during use without causing discomfort or blisters. Its remarkable flexibility allows it to effortlessly conform to any contour! Besides, it dries faster than a regular shower sponge. The investment I made in this brush was undoubtedly worthwhile, leading me to wholeheartedly endorse it to others.


I’ve recently bought a new body brush in a blue translucent package with a bathing girl at the bottom. Her happy face shows that she is quite delighted. By the way, the package features a resealable closure, enabling convenient portability for travel, sauna visits, trips to swimming pools, and vacations. It’s so cool and practical that even the packaging is functional!


A lighted makeup mirror is my joy! Built-in LEDs provide a clear picture of your skin, which is particularly helpful for cosmetic procedures and makeup. On a side note, because it runs on batteries, this mirror from Lovely is ideal not only for home but also for travel.


Hi guys! Let me tell you about the Lovely barber scissors. On a whim, I made the decision to have bangs, despite lacking professional hairdressing skills. Fortunately, these scissors proved to be an absolute game-changer! Their exceptional quality and design enabled even a novice like me to confidently trim my own hair, resulting in a stylish and lovely outcome. I wholeheartedly believe that these scissors are an essential addition to anyone’s grooming toolkit, especially considering their remarkably affordable price. Highly recommended! Every girl must own a pair!


Today I’m going to review something every girl needs — a Lovely mirror. It comes in three colors: white, black, and pink. It has a tray, a mirror itself, and a leg. The coolest feature, however, is the built-in light that runs on four small batteries and lets you transport the mirror! Five stars, in a word.

Anastasia Gornostayeva

Anastasia Gornostayeva